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Christchurch Micro Heli Flyers

What do we do?

Each week we get together for an informal fly-in at the Templeton Community Centre, where we talk about and fly our helis.

Skill Level

We have a full range of skill levels in the group, from the just starting to learn to hover, through to the full 3D upside down, inside out make ya sick level.
Whether you're a 3D freak or you just bought one of them heli toys in the mall, you'd be welcome to come along.

Some of us are quite experienced in building, fixing and tweaking and all of us have experience in breaking our helis, so if you have questions or problems, bring them along.

What We Fly

As the name of our group suggests, we fly electric micro helicopters, though occasionally we tolerate a plane or other craft.
Being indoor we can only fly electric, though in the summer we also fly outside next door to the stadium on calm nights.
For safety and fairness to others we only fly micro helis indoors, basically anything in the 450 class or smaller should be fine.

We don't have many rules, and there are no set flying times. Just turn up and fly, but be mindful and courteous to others.

Check out the gallery for some of the aircraft we fly.


To cover the cost of stadium hire, we need to collect a small fee every so often.

Because we're not a club: no receipts, no refunds, and if you break something in the hall you pay for it :-)